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Testimonials from our wonderful clients

After going through a life-threatening illness, I knew I needed to have a will and medical power of attorney drawn up to protect me and my family in the future. Mr. Long helped me draft both documents quickly and was very knowledgeable and thorough in his explanations. He handled our interactions professionally, but also with a personal touch, showing genuine care for me as a client. I would highly recommend Long Law offices to anyone looking for a lawyer. - Christy

Brenden was great to work with! He really listened to me, and cared about how I was feeling through the whole process. - Bonnie

I presented Brenden with an uncommon post-divorce settlement legal matter. After conducting a thorough amount of research to ensure that jurisdiction remained in West Virginia, Brenden drafted and filed the necessary motions to resolve my situation. He provided an extremely valuable service to me. - Mark

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